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About Jen Duo Trading Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in 1977 to engage in the trading of mechanical hardware (Yongmao Hardware Co., Ltd.). In 1994, a production plant (Jiangmao Enterprise Co., Ltd.) was added to produce bicycle assembly tools. In 1996, the import and export business was officially changed to Zhenduo Trading Co., Ltd. Business bases Fengyuan, mainland (Shenzhen, Kunshan, etc.).

The concept of sustainable management

It mainly sells all kinds of excellent pneumatic tools and hardware tools, and provides professional technical consultation and service. The main marketing market is domestic and Southeast Asia. In order to achieve sustainable management, it is actively establishing its own brand and sound. The marketing system is also invested in the innovative research and development of products. It can supply all kinds of pneumatic and hardware tools in the industry with high quality and practicality, and become a professional supplier based in Taiwan.