Pneumatic tool

Zhenduo trade professional pneumatic tools and accessories recommended:


First, a brief description of pneumatic tools

Tool equipment driven by a compression tool is commonly referred to as a pneumatic tool.
This concept can be applied in a wide range of applications, including: construction, automotive equipment repair, office and furniture production and assembly, electronics, machinery and equipment manufacturing, foundry, metal processing, plastic injection molding, aerospace technology, household appliances production. Pneumatic tools are widely used in the bicycle production, decoration production and other industries.


Second, the type of pneumatic tools

There are several categories of ways to act:
  • Rotary: pneumatic screwdriver, pneumatic wrench, pneumatic cap gun, pneumatic engraving machine, pneumatic grinder, pneumatic drilling and tapping machine
  • Reciprocating: pneumatic boring tool, pneumatic saw, pneumatic hammer
  • Piston type: pneumatic sealing machine, pneumatic scissors, pneumatic pull cap gun, pneumatic rivet gun
  • Pivot type: pneumatic sander, left and right yaw grinder
  • Other: air gun, three-point combination, vacuum generator, etc.


Third, the characteristics of pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools are characterized by their ability to operate in high-risk environments such as humidity, dust, and flammability, and have high stability and a wide range of applications. It is an indispensable helper for all walks of life.
  1. Compressed air is the driving source of the tool. It is easy to use and can be used in any environment. At the same time, it is not environmentally friendly when it is directly discharged into the atmosphere. It is quite environmentally friendly.
  2. The structure of the pneumatic tool is simple and easy to process, and the technology is mature, the service life is long, and it is reliable. It has been widely used in the industry for many years.
  3. It can work in extreme environments, such as: flammable, explosive, dusty, high temperature, low temperature, vibration, humidity, etc. Pneumatic tools can operate correctly and safely.
  4. The price of pneumatic tools is generally cheaper than that of power tools, the cost of acquisition and maintenance is low, and the pipeline construction and future maintenance of compressed air is relatively simple and inexpensive.


Fourth, pneumatic tools use precautions

  1. Stable air pressure must be maintained to enable the pneumatic tool to operate stably. Therefore, the air compressor and the storage cylinder should be sized and power according to the scale of use and the type of tool.
  2. The maintenance of pneumatic tools is also important. Inject approximately 3 cc of pneumatic oil from the air inlet before and after daily use and idling the pneumatic tools for a few seconds to allow the lubricant to actually extend throughout the fuselage. Exact maintenance can help pneumatic tools to extend their life and stability.
  3. Since the body and cylinder of the pneumatic tool are mostly made of metal, the compressed air will carry moisture. Therefore, it is recommended to install the dryer after the air compressor to remove most of the moisture, to prevent moisture from entering the fuselage and causing rust inside the fuselage. Oxidation.
  4. As mentioned above, it is best to add a three-point combination between the pneumatic tools and the pipeline to achieve pressure regulation, oil replenishment and water filtration to extend the life of the tool and stabilize the working capacity.